"What a Weirdo" Sticker

"What a Weirdo" Sticker

Slightly Strange

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Our "What a Weirdo" sticker is a look that was pieced together by viewers live on the interweb! We went into the stream not knowing how we would turn out. Let us tell you, the result was... interesting.

  • 2.89" x 4" Vinyl Sticker
  • Original design digitally hand drawn by Alexys Fleming
  • Hand written text, no fonts used

To see the body painted look, you can find the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRE6Vi3QDk0

(No joke, these stickers have survived the dishwasher after we stuck them to a water bottle. Probably not recommended, but this is a true story. Take it as you wish.)