Rose Quartz/Swarovski Paired Bracelets

Rose Quartz/Swarovski Paired Bracelets

Hand Beaded Item

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Black Friday SALE! Purchase a beautiful pair of bracelets that look beautiful when worn together, or separately! 

The Rose Quartz Bracelet is a beautiful and subtle addition to any style. Each bracelet is strung with a gorgeous extremely light pink, and slightly transparent Natural Rose Quartz beads, with a Sterling Silver "Slightly Strange" tag in the center, surrounded by 2 Swarovski crystals. In addition to the 2 surrounding crystals, there are an additional 6 Swarovski crystals throughout the bracelet, adding sparkle all around!

The Crystal Swarovski Bracelet is unbelievably sparkly as soon as light touches it. You'll quickly be looking like you have a disco ball wrist when the sun shines down on it. This bracelet features 32 individually hand strung Swarovski crystal beads on a stretchy band, as well as a sterling silver "Slightly Strange" tag.

Bracelet is approximately 7.5" around

Individually hand strung item