Gamer/Rage Sticker Pack
Gamer/Rage Sticker Pack

Gamer/Rage Sticker Pack

Slightly Strange

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Stickers inspired by Lex's emotes on Twitch!

"What's an emote? Also... what is... Twitch?"

Hey, no worries! This sticker set was brought by high requests of our crew on Twitch. Twitch is a live streaming website in which our owner, Lex, live streams on! On the platform, she draws all of her own emotes that you are able to use in chat! Forget the internet, am I right? Now you can also use the emotes in real life! Feeling in a rage? Stick the rage sticker to your forehead. In the middle of a boss battle in a video game? Stick the gaming emote to your forehead. Rage and game on, friends.

Both stickers are 3x3"

Psst, hey. Want to be a part of our crew on Twitch? Hang out in the streams on - It is completely free to follow! Just tap the heart. See you there!

(No joke, they have survived the dishwasher after we stuck them to a water bottle. Probably not recommended, but this is a true story. Take it as you wish.)